The easiest part is to setup on our domain without any cost you’ll be provided with domain name of your choice, if available obviously!

Setting on our domain (Takes 5 minutes)

You just need to sign-up here and select the title of your site along with the sub-domain and you’ll be instantly running a coupon site

You’ll receiving two emails, first for the confirmation and next for the signin details as an admin to your own coupon site.

The second email explains how you could earn continuously without putting any efforts on development by using your API key obtained from *****(as stated in email). Don’t worry, a work of just two minutes as you’ll instantly be provided with API key.

Put the API key as described in the email and you’re good to go.

Since we also incur cost of hosting your website on our portal, it won’t cost you anything but the API would be changed everyday to our API at around 4p.m. IST to 22p.m. IST. You’d have to come again at around 10:30 p.m. IST everyday to change it back to your API.

Your own Domain?

We absolutely support it at the minimal cost (minimal, seriously!) . Just convey it to us via Contact tab and we would be happy to help to have it come up at your own domain!